The Norwegian Travel Workshop – NTW – is the most important event of the year for the Norwegian Travel- and Tourism industry.

8-11 April 2013, Destination Røros was hosts for the workshop with the theme History Whispers into Tomorrow. The participants had three hectic and eventful days in the Røros region. The workshop itself was located at Verket Røros, which housed more than 270 stands and lunch area. Other arenas were Røros Church, Storstuggu culture and conference centre, Malmplassen (outside Rørosmuseet Smelthytta), Røros Hotell, Bergstadens Hotel, Vertshuset Røros, Skanckebua, Kaffestuggu, Peder Hiort Mathus, Moods of Norway and Per Sverre Dahl.

We would like to thank everyone who participated!