Cross-country skiing in Destination Røros

The snow has a magnetic attraction. Real ski enthusiasts hurry to put on their skis as soon as the first snow falls in November, forming a thin, white blanket over the landscape.

A romantic weekend in Røros

A romantic weekend in Røros

A sleepy, snowy town is the perfect background for a romantic weekend. Here are our recommendations for places to eat, sleep and experience Røros.

Erzscheidergården breakfast. Photo: Johnny Mazzilli

Local food - nature's best

Did you know that this is one of Norway’s leading regions for locally produced food?

5 winter experiences

Experience your sparkling winter dream.

Girls on a kicksled. Photo: Tom Gustavsen

Winter Top 10: Family

Destination Røros has great winter experiences on offer - for big and small. Turn your back on the hectic day-to-day, and spend quality time with your family.

Sleggveien. Foto: Finn Nilsen

World Heritage Site Røros

The mining town Røros was added to UNESCO's list of cultural heritage sites in 1980.

Røa-elva ved Røsjøen

Cycling in Røros

This Summer the World Heritage Site Røros offers many different ways to see the exciting countryside from your bike.

Images from the Røros region