A weekend of the arts and music

From the 10th of March, art and chamber music will be front and center in Røros.

Ut på skitur. Foto: Tom Gustavsen

Cross-country skiing in Destination Røros

The snow has a magnetic attraction. Real ski enthusiasts hurry to put on their skis as soon as the first snow falls in November, forming a thin, white blanket over the landscape.

A romantic weekend in Røros

A romantic weekend in Røros

A sleepy, snowy town is the perfect background for a romantic weekend. Here are our recommendations for places to eat, sleep and experience Røros.

5 winter experiences

Experience your sparkling winter dream.

Girls on a kicksled. Photo: Tom Gustavsen

Winter Top 10: Family

Destination Røros has great winter experiences on offer - for big and small. Turn your back on the hectic day-to-day, and spend quality time with your family.

Sleggveien. Foto: Finn Nilsen

World Heritage Site Røros

The mining town Røros was added to UNESCO's list of cultural heritage sites in 1980.

Røa-elva ved Røsjøen

Travel the World Heritage Site on your bike

The open landscape in Røros is well suited for cycling. 333 years worth of mining in the area have left innumerable roads and tracks to use. Here are some suggestions.

Images from Røros