cycling in Røros. Foto: Frontal Media

Cycling in Røros

This Summer the World Heritage Site Røros offers many different ways to see the exciting countryside from your bike.

Forollhogna. Photo: Arne Nyaas

Mountain Peaks

All year 'round, you have the opportunity to climb the peaks of many of the mountains in the area.

Tourist Guide 2016

Tourist Guide 2016

See the diversity of our region in one guide. We proudly present our new tourist guide with information for Holtålen, Røros, Os, Tolga, Tynset and Alvdal.

Nominated in the National Geographic World Legacy Awards

Nominated in the National Geographic World Legacy Awards

Destination Røros is the only Norwegian destination that has reached the final of the three most prestigious sustainability accolades in the world!

Røros Church - Travellers Choice 2015

For the third year in a row, millions of users of TripAdvisor have chosen the church in Røros as one of ten Norwegian Must See-landmarks this year.



Forollhogna contains mountains and gently sloping valleys. Forollhogna is often referred to as “The Kind Mountains”.

Erzscheidergården breakfast. Photo: Johnny Mazzilli

Local food - nature's best

Did you know that this is one of Norway’s leading regions for locally produced food?

Images from the Røros region