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    Kvitsanda, 7374, Røros


    +47 72 41 00 00


    Just north of Røros town centre you will find an area with the distinctive character of a desert. This is the end of an esker that runs from Synnervika, all the way here. You can follow a nature trail from Doktortjønna to here. Situated close to…

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  2. Address

    2560, Alvdal


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    2540, Tolga


    624 96 500


    An amazing piece of engineering. The first bridge was built in 1736 and rebuilt in 1859. This was reconstructed in 1997. The bridge’s structure is very unusual, with a clear span of 32 m, the largest in the country. The bridge is around 1.5 km north…

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  4. Address

    7374, Røros


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    Tronfjellet, 2500, Tynset


    62 48 90 00


    Drive up Norway's 2nd highest road and witness a wonderfull panoramic view from Trontoppen. 1660 meters above sea level. The area is also interesting from a botanical perspective, offering several nature trails.

    To drive all the way to the top…

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    Jutulhogget, 2560, Alvdal


    +47 72 41 00 00


    Northern Europe's largest canyon, wich was formed during the last Ice Age, around 10, 000 years ago. You may experience the Jutulhogget Canyon on foot by descending the precipitious path, or you may enjoy the view right up on its edge.

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    Tolga, 2540, Tolga




    The natural formations om the east side of the river Glåma north of Tolga are traces of the two glacier lakes Upper and Lower Glåmsjø.

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  8. Address

    7374, Røros




    Molinga nature reserve stretches out from the north-western end of Aursunden lake. Important nesting and resting area for birds. One of the wetlands in the Røros region with the richest variety of species during migration. Restrictions on using…

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    Tufsingdal, 2550, Os i Østerdalen


    +47 62 47 03 00

    Os i Østerdalen

    Here you can visit the long Tufsingdal esker, which contributes to our understanding of how ablation progressed through the Femund region.

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  10. Address

    Femund, 7374, Røros


    Femundsmarka National Park is one of the largest continuous, unspoilt wilderness regions in Southern Scandinavia. A great area for canoeing and fishing. The Norwegian Trekking Association has selected it as one of the three best hiking areas in…

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