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  1. Address

    Kjerkgata 39, 7374, Røros


    72 40 61 70


    Røros church - also called "The pride of the mining town" - was built in the golden age of the Røros Copper Company. The building was finished in 1784 and is one of the largest churches in Norway, with 1600 seats. It now emerges in its entire…

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  2. Address

    Husantunet, 2560, Alvdal


    477 57 253


    One of Norway's best preserved open-air village museums with 17 turf roof houses from the 18th century. Rent an audio guide and gain a vivid and evocative insight into traditional farming, mountain farming, architectural styles, supersitions, and…

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  3. Address

    Brugata, 2540, Tolga




    Dølmotunet is a farm from the 1850s turned into a musuem. The staff can show you around and tell you about the history of Dølmotunet and Tolga. The summer season at Dølmotunet is filled with activities of all sorts and for all ages. The museum is…

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  4. Address

    Nord-Østerdalsveien 5119, 2560, Alvdal


    62 48 78 77 / 911 95 658


    The Aukrust Center lies in the little town of Alvdal in one of Norway's many beautiful valleys. Its a museum built to house the life work of multi- artist Kjell Aukrust. Visit this beautiful building and experience Aukrust's drawings, paintings, the…

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  5. Address

    Lovise hytta, 2560, Alvdal


    993 56 425


    The Lovise Hut was built in 1748 as a smelter hut for the Folldal Works. The foundations of the smelter hut, water chute, materials storehouse, cottage etc., are clearly visible and the slag heaps dominate the landscape. 

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  6. Address

    Stigersveien, 7374, Røros


    +47 72 40 61 70


    On 8 January 1886 the Fjell-Ljom newspaper published its first issue. Many young writers were able to try their hand here through the years. Fjell-Ljom was based in the house beside Hyttelva river for 88 years, which is now a newspaper museum. It…

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  7. Address

    Skolerya 17, 2550, Os i Østerdalen



    Os i Østerdalen

    Oddentunet in Narjordet is an attractive listed farm that is the main annexe to Os museum. The interior of the main building is a picturesque work of art in which the original embellishments are preserved.

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  8. Address

    Tylldalen, 2510, Tylldalen


    62 48 50 00


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  9. Address

    Vedalen 51, 2500, Tynset


    62 48 55 69


    When the famous Norwegian writer, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson drove through Tynset, he heard the bells ringing from the church tower and this inspired him to write one of his most well-known psalms. Few churches have such a beautiful situation as the…

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  10. Address

    Rugldalen, 7374, Røros


    +47 72 41 61 70


    Groups can book guided tours at Ratvolden, the home of Johan Falkberget in the summer season (1.06. – 30.09.)

    The author Johan Falkberget (1879-1967) grew up in a mining area and began his career as a miner, his works drew extensively on his…

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