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  1. Address

    2542, Vingelen


    948 32 207


    Vingelen has one of Norway’s best preserved building communities with nearly 800 houses from before 1900. The museum contains historical artefacts from churches and schools. There is a 13th century censer from the old Middle Age church.


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  2. Address

    Kuråsfossen Glåmos, 7372, Glåmos


    72 41 46 44


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  3. Address

    Skolerya 17, 2550, Os i Østerdalen



    Os i Østerdalen

    Oddentunet in Narjordet is an attractive listed farm that is the main annexe to Os museum. The interior of the main building is a picturesque work of art in which the original embellishments are preserved.

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  4. Address

    7374, Røros


    +47 72 41 00 00


    This colorful charming timber town was founded in 1646 and has since developed as both a mining and agricultural community. Included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites as early as 1980. The town centre boasts a rare collection of large and…

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  5. Address

    Kongsveien 6, 2500, Tynset


    477 57 253


    The Ramsmoen Museum Centre is situated in centre of Tynset and is the central administration for the museums that are connected to the museum in Nord-Østerdalen (in the north-eastern valley district). There are 10 underlying museums in the…

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  6. Address

    Kjerkgata 39, 7374, Røros


    72 40 61 70


    Røros church - also called "The pride of the mining town" - was built in the golden age of the Røros Copper Company. The building was finished in 1784 and is one of the largest churches in Norway, with 1600 seats. It now emerges in its entire…

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  7. Address

    Slegghaugan, 7374, Røros


    +47 72 40 61 70


    Slag is a by-product of copper smelting. Slegghaugan stand as large mountains that are a testament to the huge amount of activity that has taken place over 333 years. Today it is a protected area under the Culture Heritage Act.
    If you climb to the…

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  8. Address

    An Magrittsvei, 7374, Røros




    Regional Arts Centre with plenty of events. Regularly hosts performances by the national touring theatre Riksteatret as well as a wide range of local and national productions.

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  9. Address

    Tynset Torg, 2500, Tynset


    Tynset's most photographed object stands on Tynset square. The kick is 6 times the size of a regular kick with its length of 11.60 meters, height of 5.25 meters and width of 3.72 meters. 

    The reason why this huge kick stands right in the center…

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  10. Address

    Nord-Østerdalsveien 5119, 2560, Alvdal


    62 48 78 77


    The Aukrust Center lies in the little town of Alvdal in one of Norway's many beautiful valleys. Its a museum built to house the life work of multi- artist Kjell Aukrust. Visit this beautiful building and experience Aukrust's drawings, paintings, the…

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