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  1. Address

    Gruvveien 612, 7374, Røros


    +47 72 40 61 70


    Join us for an hour’s walk through 300 years of mining history. The guided tour takes you through the Nyberget mine dating from the 17th century and the Olav’s Mine from the 20th century, descending 50 metres below ground and 500 m into the mountain…

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  2. Address

    Fabrikkveien 2, 2450, Rena


    41 77 29 00


    Birken – dreams, pride and joy!

    Vision: To be the world's largest and most attractive organizer with the mountain as an arena

    Birken is Norway's largest exercise organizer for skiing, cycling and cross-country running and has distances for…

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    Tollef Bredals vei 13, 7374, Røros




    The Femund Race is annual long distance sleddog race in the mountains of Norway. The race starts and ends in the colorful streets of the UNESCO World Heritage mining town of Røros.

    The teams mush through eight districts and the fascinating…

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  4. Address

    Tolga, 2540, Tolga


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  5. Address

    Malmplassen, 7374, Røros


    +47 72 40 61 70


    The Smelthytta museum is built on the ruins of the smelter that burnt down in 1975. Here you find exhibitions about the history of the Røros Copper Works, brought to life by models of mines, smelters and technical installations. These models give an…

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    Johan Falkbergets vei 16, 7374, Røros




    Recreation park with activities for the whole family. Canoeing, boating, fishing, nature trails, domestic animals, playground, ice fishing, ski trails, ski slopes and toboggan runs. Café serving coffee and lunch. National Park centre with…

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  7. Address

    Røros, 7374, Røros


    976 544 76


    The outdoor music threatre Elden is located in the middle of the world heritage in Røros. We are transporten back to a war drama between Norway and Sweden in 1718/19.

    Feel the magic on late summer night in one of the Nordic countries most…

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    • Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn Eco-Lighthouse
  8. Address

    Malmplassen, 7374, Røros


    72 40 61 70


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  9. Address

    Kjerkgata 3, 7374, Røros




    In the mining town Røros we have since 1999 been pleased by the fact that the year has gotten another new season. “The fifth season” is emerging in the middle of March, and to the sound of chamber music and the smell of tulips we float around while…

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