Snekkargarden guest house


Snekkargarden guest house & Snekkarlemmen cultural barn are located in the heart of the old Gata on Tolga in a charming environment and within the Røros World Heritage and Circumference. It is run by Kristin Skrivervik, visual artist, who bought the place in 2016.


The grounds consist of five houses: The main house functions as a guest house, the barn has been restored as a cultural center with concerts, contemporary dance and theater as well as rental for confirmations and weddings etc. for those who like it a bit rough. A storage shed is on its way to becoming simple accommodation. In addition, an outbuilding and the hostess's house. The place is idyllically located by Glomma with fishing opportunities and close to the center of Tolga with a shop, bank, medical centre, new cultural center, municipal hall and cafes. Only 20 minutes from Tynset and half an hour's drive to Røros.


The guest house has five bedrooms with a total of 10 beds, of which four are double rooms. A bathroom with shower and toilet, a separate toilet room with sink, veranda on the 2nd floor facing the yard and the river.

The first floor has a fully equipped kitchen with long table, living room and fireplace room. The house has a lot of original art on the walls and a rich book collection for use by guests, various games for both young and old. Newly tuned piano is also available.

The guest house sometimes serves as a base for artists who are working towards/will have a concert/performance at Snekkarlemmen cultural barn.

To the east and west are beautiful mountain areas with a short drive from Snekkargarden. You can walk in these mountains for hours both summer and winter. In winter, there are miles of ski slopes and, as this is one of the coldest places in Norway, we can guarantee WILD SNOW! Despite cold winters, summer is very lush and intense when it first arrives! Then nature shows itself with its rich bird, animal and wild flowers life and there are still farmers who settle in the mountains, an old tradition in Norway. If you want to be guided in the mountains, a reindeer safari is an option or in the wintertime dog sledding. 

Map & Directions

Snekkargarden guest house

Gata 29, 2540, Tolga

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