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    Feragen, 7374, Røros




    Between the lakes Femunden and Feragssjøen, the mining company built canals and chutes for floating logs from the Femund region through the Hådal valley to Røros. The 18th century facilities have now been restored.

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  2. Address

    Tylldalen, 2510, Tylldalen


    62 48 50 00


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  3. Address

    Malmplassen, 7374, Røros


    +47 72 40 61 70


    The Smelthytta museum is built on the ruins of the smelter that burnt down in 1975. Here you find exhibitions about the history of the Røros Copper Works, brought to life by models of mines, smelters and technical installations. These models give an…

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  4. Address

    Skolerya 17, 2550, Os i Østerdalen



    Os i Østerdalen

    Oddentunet in Narjordet is an attractive listed farm that is the main annexe to Os museum. The interior of the main building is a picturesque work of art in which the original embellishments are preserved.

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  5. Address

    2540, Tolga


    624 96 500


    An amazing piece of engineering. The first bridge was built in 1736 and rebuilt in 1859. This was reconstructed in 1997. The bridge’s structure is very unusual, with a clear span of 32 m, the largest in the country. The bridge is around 1.5 km north…

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  6. Address

    7374, Røros


    +47 72 41 00 00


    This colorful charming timber town was founded in 1646 and has since developed as both a mining and agricultural community. Included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites as early as 1980. The town centre boasts a rare collection of large and…

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  7. Address

    Gruvveien 612, 7374, Røros


    +47 72 40 61 70


    Join us for an hour’s walk through 300 years of mining history. The guided tour takes you through the Nyberget mine dating from the 17th century and the Olav’s Mine from the 20th century, descending 50 metres below ground and 500 m into the mountain…

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  8. Address

    Kuråsfossen Glåmos, 7372, Glåmos


    72 41 46 44


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  9. Address

    Malmplassen, 7374, Røros


    72 40 61 70


    The houses on Sleggveien, Slag road, give some idea of the social history of the mining community. In the five houses at the top of the road lived day labourers, craftsmen, gypsies and others who had no permanent work for the Copper Works and no…

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  10. Address

    Kjerkgata 39, 7374, Røros


    72 40 61 70


    Røros church - also called "The pride of the mining town" - was built in the golden age of the Røros Copper Company. The building was finished in 1784 and is one of the largest churches in Norway, with 1600 seats. It now emerges in its entire…

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