The Soap Stone Quarry at Sandbekkdalen in Kvikneskogen

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Bubakk, Kvikneskogen

About 1000 metres above sea-level, just west of Sandbekkdalen in Kvikne in Tynset, lies one of the country’s most known soap stone quarries from the pre-roman Iron Age. The stone quarry is known first and foremost through some remarkable dating. Several C-14 samples of organic material in the waste mass taken out beside the quarry are dated to 400-300 years BC. It is assumed that 3000-4000 pieces of raw material for pots were taken out of the quarry. During excavations in 1969, quite a few wooden objects such as spades, plates and a cup were unearthed. Soap stone from the quarry has been used in the restoration work on the cathedral in Trondheim. Marks made due to drilling are clearly visible. Just to wander in this area and touch the marks where the raw materials for pots were removed for 2500 years ago. To think about all the activity so long ago, certainly awakes your imagination and gives you a feeling of the historical atmosphere.
There are notice boards on the main road (Rv30) and in the quarry which give plenty of information. There is a toll road into the quarry but it is recommended to walk.

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The Soap Stone Quarry at Sandbekkdalen in Kvikneskogen


Sandbekkdalen, Kvikne, 2512, Kvikne

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